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Artificial intelligence is changing Wall Street

are still talking about how AlphaGo defeated mankind,
the artificial intelligence on the other side of the ocean has entered Wall Street,
and a new revolution has taken place in the world financial center.
The 2012 census of the United States showed that about 31 thousand people moved from New York to California,
the largest since 2006,
when the tide of migration left Wall Street,
and big bears were heading west.
Former Wall Street bankers are fleeing,
their next destination is California,
Silicon Valley,
and the only target that attracts them is a new financial industry.
The slogan replacing financial analysts with AI by Kensho,
founded in 2014,
triggered a huge earthquake in Wall Street.
A Ph.
in mathematics from Harvard,
MIT and Silicon Valley geeks,
founded the processing en

[psychological tests] imagine dying to see what is most important to you

orean micro signal: hjkorean WeChat update menu ~ sun seed,
learning cards,
daily stamp of self-help show rich and colorful content,
reply [check points] in advance 46 TOPIK generation search service! Introduction: a simple choice can reveal the real thoughts in your heart,
which is the magic attraction of psychological tests.
Imagine life is on the verge of death or destruction,
the angel came to you,
say to save you time,
but only for a week of life,
then what is your answer? To try this simple test,
can help you understand your heart,
make you aware of your most important things Oh ~ .
when you are on the verge of death or destruction of life? When the angel came to you and said: this will save you time,
but you only a week life,
then what is your answer? [A].
save me,

Tears rush to Yingjie tickets to buy a send a!

liday is over,
many promotions are over,
small partners do not worry,
Xiaobian give you more concessions,
a large wave of preferential activities are on the way.
Yingjie scenic area people,
high prices,
many buddies have been looking forward to the price of the news,
quickly rush about telling the news around spreading! Here comes the activity.
Buy one,
send one!! Yingjie scenic area is famous for country love 6,
the scenic area is located in the southwest of Binxian,
covers an area of 48000 acres,
60 km away from Harbin,
from Binxian County 27 kilometers,
is located in the mountains,
beautiful scenery,
convenient transportation,
rich ecological resources.
In August 2012,
through the geophysical survey conducted by the professional geological surv

One thousand bonus tips for one shot release

put the big move,
one thousand welfare tips are as follows: 1000 good neighbor convenience store on-line at the same time joint promotions with Baidu wallet,
Baidu wallet [X good neighbor,
full 10 yuan minus 10 yuan,
less than 10 yuan only pay 1 cents] summer in Beijing is hotter every year,
but now,
neither Chaoyang District bangye said the people can do to be glued to the civilization of Beijing fashion clothing and not through the points exposed clothes are bound to Jinyi (now auto show cars should be called etiquette) that you can't wear less than me to look cool,
can only go to the convenience store cheap.
In Baidu wallet discount,
you can eat a good breakfast for 1 cents (less than 10 yuan,
paid 1 cents),
but also a few dollars to buy two bottles of the original ten dollars of

Collected works of Beijing Film Academy in the first half of 2016 (1)

OMHARMONY software course,
which has been studying for eight weeks,
is coming to an end.
The first time I use this software,
I still feel a lot.
This software meets our animation needs in many aspects,
so that we can more easily achieve some results,
and improve the efficiency of animation.
The software's camera function and animation module allows us to clearly organize and summarize animation files while animating.
This course is in time for us to submit our joint operation.
It will be very helpful for us to submit personal shorts.
Software is a difficult course,
but because Chen Jun teaches very patiently,
it makes it easy for us to take lessons.
Students have problems,
he will be very patient answer,
and try our best to help us to understand and use this software.
At the same time,

If there is perfection, there must be a lie

if a signature is perfect,
there must be a lie! - hacker empire! ^ Click to play music,
it has to accompany you to read.
1 some people,
you think you can always meet again,
some things,
you think you can continue,
there will be no sudden accidents and leave.
perhaps in the moment you turn around,
some people will never see,
some things,
was over.
The present situation.
As if I were a clam,
I carefully protect the years of pearl,
after my death was stripped out by the people wanton chuanzao.
Although I am crazy,
the same sad,
but there is no way to re - into my shell,
careful care.
- Orange rain,
like love rather than NO.
3 want you once,
heartache once; heartache once,
miss you once.
4 is the stranger,
initially did not know,
and ultimately do not recognize.
5 I'

In the coming period of subscription with tight Curve Wrecker don't fall behind electronic version 5 fold book Oh

the middle of the season,
insufficient stamina? You need a dose of medicine at this time ~ century gentleman here sincerely Amway - twenty-first Century English newspapers of all grades! How does the United Nations interview the secretary general? Song Joong Ki Obama how to tease sister? What's the spoken language of crooked nuts? TOEFL,
IELTS 46 answer tips? All you want is here! Hot spots covering a wide range of cultural knowledge in depth,
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not learn English well.
Not to mention the electronic version of the newspaper hot promotions,
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buy with see ~ electronic version of the newspaper can not only show the full content of the paper version,
more foreigners live MP3 reading,
English pr

The history of the most popular walking up Chinese mistress 46 years tutorial package single Faye Yu live straight hate like cancer

f Faye Yu really good,
young fairy becomes today's goddess,
her looks always a metaphor for stop eating cooked food,
the most appropriate in the body of Faye Yu.
It can cover a lot of problems,
poor fat and ugly can be confidently,
because young,
but when youth,
this beach tide receded,
before we know who is swimming naked.
Naked people are naturally aware of this important tide beach.
Faye Yu,
was young,
! Why is she so beautiful?! The most egregious is little husband after the broadcast,
sharp eyed Netizens found her costume or even ten years ago in the PW.
ten years was not changed how great? We think of last summer pants this year has outgrown,
and think about the middle school your clothes now even plug in is not too embarrassed to wear out.
It is said that a woman wit

Coup beauty photography skills Daquan to your friends, they will like

naturally fond of beauty,
love to take pictures,
and travel to record their most beautiful moment is really better.
some girls are nervous when taking pictures,
always feel at a loss what to do,
the posture of posing is very stiff,
and the effect of shooting is also very unsatisfactory.
Xiao Bian specially summed up the camera skills,
I believe that all the small masters will certainly be helpful after reading,
and no longer worry about the camera pose.
friendship tips,
in fact,
there is a once and for all approach,
that is,
to find a man who will take pictures of friends ~! 1,
although not pirates,
but you can also try to cover one eye when taking pictures,
I close my eyes ~ as for how to jump,
why jump,
block the face! Take the leaves to b

And friends agreed to meet in the hotel, met, just know the wife of a colleague

st 51,
everyone retrieving it,
for the Dragon Boat festival.
Q: date and users agreed to meet in the hotel,
can meet that colleague's wife,
people often say energy-saving,
and some people said the hand on hand.
The room has been opened,
waiting for your great God to make moves.
Shall I go or stay? Answer: energy-saving,
I sincerely recommend you go,
respect for colleagues,
respect yourself.
The room number tells me that I don't know any of your colleagues.
Rain just went out with the goddess in the company.
It was raining hard.
I gave my umbrella to the goddess.
The goddess was shy: that's my umbrella,
what do you play? I said,
I'll take a taxi.
Why can't I call her now?.
At WeChat,
a friend sent a few WeChat,
calling my name,
then a sound of snoring,
then he said: listen,
my wife's

How do you start learning a new skill that can make a lot of money? 10 perfect scores, get

ter than your competitors and may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.
By learning,
we mean learning new things,
finding opportunities for growth,
and trying to push ourselves for different abilities.
To do this,
you must dare to practice and become a beginner again and again.
A man of competitive ability can walk other people's way and let others have no way to go.
Is so headstrong! We send you 10 full marks to learn skills,
quickly expand our connections,
find opportunities,
and make a steady profit! You don't learn? Come on,
get it! 1 venture money connections,
want to start business,
lack of project? Lack of funds? Missing connections? Entrepreneurship,
Chinese instructors take you to play,
make business circles! ID:cychina520 long press venture China two-dimensional code

The average daily flow of over one million boxes of horse Xiansheng should not only subvert the fresh O2O pattern mining lazy economy

box horse will not only change the existing mode of fresh O2O,
but also the impact of the current competition to fresh industry.
Source: new store (new_shop_) main raw,
price close to the people,
convenient and fast,
you can buy in the store,
you can also app orders,
half an hour to the home,
do not want to do it yourself,
you can also be processed on the spot.
The label and feature of O2O supermarket which is called a Xiansheng box horse.
The horse Xiansheng box to Alipay club was born,
since the opening,
because it has been linked with the Alibaba's investment background,
by having twenty years of experience in logistics logistics director Hou Yi chaired by former Jingdong and concern.
Xiansheng box horse is the first member of Alipay fresh store,
selling in 103 countries,

Dare you try it? Don't watch it after dinner

ring in Sweden is known as the worst food ever made,
also known as the food industry! Even if meow star tasted a bite,
it is estimated to shake three shake.
The Japanese NHK measured the odor value of herring,
which is as high as 8070Au,
while the stinky tofu with a strong odor is only 420Au! Take a look at these two days,
micro-blog very fire,
by @ brain hole editing division do jar opener,
this is a taste of the short film! High energy Alert: please do not watch after meal! According to Baidu encyclopedia,
canned herring is a traditional Swedish delicacy,
smelling and taste of acid canned food fermentation RenJiZiRan will be treated in a canned herring.
The greatest feature of fermented herring is its ubiquitous and difficult to dissipate odor.
People who haven't eaten pickled herring of

[car] car smell smell Daily today you see enough with the BMW AMG M will join the four-wheel drive

professional and comprehensive automotive information,
please pay attention to the WeChat autohomeweixin!

When someone laughs at you fat, please counter him in this way

ne laughs at you fat,
please counter him in this way! This article transfers from the network,
if has the infringement,
please contact us