chrome hearts

And friends agreed to meet in the hotel, met, just know the wife of a colleague

st 51,
everyone retrieving it,
for the Dragon Boat festival.
Q: date and users agreed to meet in the hotel,
can meet that colleague's wife,
people often say energy-saving,
and some people said the hand on hand.
The room has been opened,
waiting for your great God to make moves.
Shall I go or stay? Answer: energy-saving,
I sincerely recommend you go,
respect for colleagues,
respect yourself.
The room number tells me that I don't know any of your colleagues.
Rain just went out with the goddess in the company.
It was raining hard.
I gave my umbrella to the goddess.
The goddess was shy: that's my umbrella,
what do you play? I said,
I'll take a taxi.
Why can't I call her now?.
At WeChat,
a friend sent a few WeChat,
calling my name,
then a sound of snoring,
then he said: listen,
my wife's