chrome hearts

Collected works of Beijing Film Academy in the first half of 2016 (1)

OMHARMONY software course,
which has been studying for eight weeks,
is coming to an end.
The first time I use this software,
I still feel a lot.
This software meets our animation needs in many aspects,
so that we can more easily achieve some results,
and improve the efficiency of animation.
The software's camera function and animation module allows us to clearly organize and summarize animation files while animating.
This course is in time for us to submit our joint operation.
It will be very helpful for us to submit personal shorts.
Software is a difficult course,
but because Chen Jun teaches very patiently,
it makes it easy for us to take lessons.
Students have problems,
he will be very patient answer,
and try our best to help us to understand and use this software.
At the same time,