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Dare you try it? Don't watch it after dinner

ring in Sweden is known as the worst food ever made,
also known as the food industry! Even if meow star tasted a bite,
it is estimated to shake three shake.
The Japanese NHK measured the odor value of herring,
which is as high as 8070Au,
while the stinky tofu with a strong odor is only 420Au! Take a look at these two days,
micro-blog very fire,
by @ brain hole editing division do jar opener,
this is a taste of the short film! High energy Alert: please do not watch after meal! According to Baidu encyclopedia,
canned herring is a traditional Swedish delicacy,
smelling and taste of acid canned food fermentation RenJiZiRan will be treated in a canned herring.
The greatest feature of fermented herring is its ubiquitous and difficult to dissipate odor.
People who haven't eaten pickled herring of