chrome hearts

If there is perfection, there must be a lie

if a signature is perfect,
there must be a lie! - hacker empire! ^ Click to play music,
it has to accompany you to read.
1 some people,
you think you can always meet again,
some things,
you think you can continue,
there will be no sudden accidents and leave.
perhaps in the moment you turn around,
some people will never see,
some things,
was over.
The present situation.
As if I were a clam,
I carefully protect the years of pearl,
after my death was stripped out by the people wanton chuanzao.
Although I am crazy,
the same sad,
but there is no way to re - into my shell,
careful care.
- Orange rain,
like love rather than NO.
3 want you once,
heartache once; heartache once,
miss you once.
4 is the stranger,
initially did not know,
and ultimately do not recognize.
5 I'