chrome hearts

Tears rush to Yingjie tickets to buy a send a!

liday is over,
many promotions are over,
small partners do not worry,
Xiaobian give you more concessions,
a large wave of preferential activities are on the way.
Yingjie scenic area people,
high prices,
many buddies have been looking forward to the price of the news,
quickly rush about telling the news around spreading! Here comes the activity.
Buy one,
send one!! Yingjie scenic area is famous for country love 6,
the scenic area is located in the southwest of Binxian,
covers an area of 48000 acres,
60 km away from Harbin,
from Binxian County 27 kilometers,
is located in the mountains,
beautiful scenery,
convenient transportation,
rich ecological resources.
In August 2012,
through the geophysical survey conducted by the professional geological surv