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The average daily flow of over one million boxes of horse Xiansheng should not only subvert the fresh O2O pattern mining lazy economy

box horse will not only change the existing mode of fresh O2O,
but also the impact of the current competition to fresh industry.
Source: new store (new_shop_) main raw,
price close to the people,
convenient and fast,
you can buy in the store,
you can also app orders,
half an hour to the home,
do not want to do it yourself,
you can also be processed on the spot.
The label and feature of O2O supermarket which is called a Xiansheng box horse.
The horse Xiansheng box to Alipay club was born,
since the opening,
because it has been linked with the Alibaba's investment background,
by having twenty years of experience in logistics logistics director Hou Yi chaired by former Jingdong and concern.
Xiansheng box horse is the first member of Alipay fresh store,
selling in 103 countries,