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What about people who have undergone nine years of compulsory education?

trange strange abnormal Jun has experienced nine years of compulsory education of the people is how we can distinguish the original opening sensitive parents footsteps,
and in 20 seconds to turn off the computer or mobile phone TV,
holding the pen I live out homework to understand,
after 45 years we are the same wife husband,
waist three feet,
watching the news every day,
weekend with a group of men went to the teahouse playing cards,
winning fifty win,
coming home to eat fish,
do not lose the talk.
Go to bed and sleep,
snoring biaji mouth,
the middle stop breathing for three times,
each time that he died happy up lipstick,
his breathing was picked up,
is not to live,
so her husband died? Big sister next generation of children,
Jingjing mention what didn't mean it,
I work hard to

Shawn Yue broke the news today why we want to participate, we love each other, happy song five female real relationship

ng for several days,
finally broke the news to the new revision; refused to mediocrity broke,
broke the news,
and refused to refuse a real dog,
reject any plagiarism plagiarism! Circle sister broke the group collection order is under way.
Circle sister broke the group collection order! As long as you have the material! And there are faces! If you want to bid but also good! Welcome to join circle sister 1 broke the news group! WeChat ID:lama129!! Incoming password: I want to break the news!! Why ring sister answering Shawn Yue is going to join in our love pop star L and popular line star L five star song of joy the true relationship is not normal | you wish to vote below which stars become expression package? This article from the entertainment headlines (ID:yulemeiquan) issued to the aut

The 9 step is to help you think like Buffett

progress Wednesday - workplace workplace is the most simple imitation to the industry benchmarking,
such as Warren Buffett did: daily work habits and thinking,
far from the circle and bustle and read and accept the information,
independent thinking.
It takes 2 minutes to read the article.
Buffett isn't as busy as you are.
According to him,
he spends 80% hours reading and thinking.
That's why it's the most successful business record in history.
He has plenty of time to think.
an old business partner at Charlie Munger,
said when he talked about his unusual efficiency approach.
For most people,
Buffett's open and tight schedule is simply counterintuitive,
and it's different from what we know a leader should have.
See Alan Mask (founder of Tesla) or Jeff Immelt (GE CEO)

[cattle] 70 hours later, so that the whole city worried girl parents found, actually it is father, mother, grandmother together lost her in

Eureka! The little girl who worried the whole city,
her parents finally found it! / the two year old girl was left in the hearts of many people.
Nanjing Xuanwu police after a lot of hard and meticulous work,
the reporter followed the police to trek more than a thousand kilometers,
and finally from the girl was abandoned 70 hours later,
in Jiangxi somewhere found the child's parents.
The face of police,
the parents of the children burst into tears,
the expression of their behavior with their tears.
These two days,
to help parents find old girl message in the network,
WeChat continued to refresh,
after a preliminary investigation by the Xuanwu police found that the child is abandoned.
On the one hand,
the children lost so long time,
the police has not received the relevant alarm; on

Put on the cushion of fashion design

ake it out of your make-up bag,
you'll probably shrug your shoulders in surprise.
Beautiful packaging makes people more interested in the design of the collection of cross-border cooperation air cushion powder,
they are like a work of art,
when held in the hands of more dazzling.
Chen enjoy: snow whitening moisture,
light air cushion,
Foundation Limited Edition,
integrated into the blooming peony elegant and Pearl mother exquisite luster,
completed a very temperament design.
Recommended for people who like elegant and feminine designs.
37 X Shanji Art Park Su Mi cooperation version light Concealer metal cushion by the sculptor Pu Shanji design international,
the female desire of gorgeous bloom into packaging,
artist Pu Shanji through the most natural materia

Rural women think so logo:

rari overtaking,
idiot wife asked: what is the logo is a horse car? I said: Ferrari.
Wife: what about cows? Me: Lamborghini.
Wife: shit fork,
Maserati。 Fuck! It seems the car from the farmer brothers.
Wife asked again: Mazda bra?.
What about the thong? A hippocampus。 Briefs? Mercedes benz.
Aunt towels? That TMD is Chevrolet.
What about the three used condoms? The four useless ones from Buick! Your uncle opened them.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha,
laugh to friends to see! Some people chat with WeChat,
while others learn and grow in themselves every day in WeChat.
Today we recommend some high-quality WeChat,
I hope you can grow every day! Press the two-dimensional code,
select two-dimensional code identification map of attention to teach you hair micro s

We are ten years apart, but I still love you

my brothers and sisters says: brothers and sisters are like snowflakes floating in the sky.
Once they fall into water,
they melt together and are never separated.
This is a wonderful feeling,
brotherly affection.
This love is the parents,
lovers can not be replaced.
Author: Jigang middle school class six,
Meng Yu,
we are ten years old,
so I began to dislike you.
I was ten years old when you made the first cry,
and it was the age that my parents took care of.
It is because of you,
I was full of love by you away half or more.
You are really a successful aggressor.
The first time I saw you,
you lie on the second,
is my mother,
the next second to my mother's bosom,
quietly feeding,
a domineering appearance,
and even disdain to open eyes,
look at me.
As soon as I touch you,
you s

Dentsu Group acquired Fei Rui enhance brand business strength

up today announced the acquisition of Shanghai Rui network technology Co.
(Fei Rui).
As the China Mobile marketing and online retail business leading agents,
Fei Rui will join the Dentsu group's award-winning digital marketing agency Ansopa Chinese group,
Ansopa group company Rui interactive fee.
Fei Rui network was founded in 2011,
China Mobile business in a leading position.
The company is located in Shanghai,
the existing staff of more than 70 people,
serving many famous customers,
including UNIQLO,
KFC and pizza hut.
As WeChat and Alipay's acceptance of payment payment formal certification,
by virtue of its founder in the retail industry,
strong experience in Chinese Rui fee interactive rapid expansion of mobile marketing and online business to provide support for Ansopa.

What's the trend in comics? The famous cartoonist tells you it's this

dig the story behind the book.
The teacher walked into the golden light reading you said.
Read ten thousand books,
ten thousand miles.
To understand the charm of writing,
Cai Zhizhong,
a professional cartoonist,
was born in 1948,
a famous cartoonist in Taiwan,
He was born in.
Won the Golden Horse Award for Best Animated Film Award in 1981.
1983 began to create four comic,
Chuang-tzu said,
the Lao Tzu,
Lie Zi said,
said the drunkard,
bald detective and other more than 100 works in more than 30 countries and regions in a variety of languages,
sold more than 30 million copies.
Experienced several move I now can not find the time series.
So today I have to recommend another collector's edition to recommend to you.
At the beginning of the middle and late 80s,
there wa

Love must die without makeup does not take away

d not just sang the following song girl expressed their make-up everyday we receive good,
single dog pack material to beep you dead to love is not a makeup does not take away all your I so strong @ Lei praised the beauty of a PS mark @ McDull McDull no pocket so you cry to me after the make-up are deceptive @ blue print of floating powder slag legs is breathing pain she live in your face all corners of @bbaindgom so I'm stubborn and I am proud to hold eye shadow Eyeliner Pen silkworm eyelash curler mascara is absolutely not to put the Milky Way @ all the stars are in your eyes when you fall in love with the makeup is not too rich to spend that the deer horns you @ The imprint is engraved on my heart.
more and more do not want to play to the end face and the girl's makeup @ the show I play

I'm a woman, I'm strong, but I'm never ashamed of that

es from the TV drama husband,
I love Faye Yu as a big in which women,
of course,
the big is not only the age,
but also for life and for their grip and control.
Click on the audio above to listen to the warmth of Miss Mo's reading.
I think I'm gentle.
My attitude towards women's rights has always been good and necessary,
but I don't appreciate all the extremes of words and deeds.
For example,
a girl says she can't stand the word leftover women.
Who? Who is she urgent?.
I said let them say go,
and we will not be less meat.
I have been asked whether I have suffered discrimination in the workplace,
I said for a long time.
But the latest thing has changed my mind.
A foreigner was chatting with my colleagues.
He commented on me,
shook his head and said he thought I was good,
just too t

The most beautiful season Shanghai hidden in a giant Qinzileyuan children to go outing the picturesque scenery

d of the paper,
there are benefits,
do not miss Oh ~) tired of shopping malls crowded recreational facilities,
enough crowded Park Playground,
want to kiss the green grass,
to embrace the blue sky,
running free in the embrace of nature! From the city to nature,
from the concrete to the sunshine green,
Shanghai where the most suitable for family travel outing? Today,
Xiao Nong wants to tell you a piece of good news: Shanghai has a place called fairyland in the world and will be open to all of you! How much you see it,
along with a small! Here is only 25 minutes away from downtown Xujiahui,
covers an area of 1050 acres,
has a vast green,
tranquil lake,
and a golf standard 18 hole championship golf course,
spring is like a beautiful All flowers bloom together.
parent-child park.

Kate appeared on the VOGUE one hundred years of the cover of women's fashion by the book

Kate Middleton,
wearing a casual outfit,
boarded the cover of the British edition VOGUE magazine in honor of 100th anniversary of the magazine.
It was Kate Middleton's first magazine shoot.
The British royal new fashion,
in recent years,
modeling zero error.
Whether big or cheap goods,
every appearance can get countless praise of the fashion Icon,
in addition to Kate princess,
who else? Kate appeared on the VOGUE Centennial cover Kate Princess Middleton's engagement ring.
This is Kate's first shoot for the magazine,
we found that although Icon has been among the ranks of fashion for many years for the first time to shoot Kate,
still very cautious and very important.
Although Kate is a casual dress on the mirror,
but she specially wore her engagement ring.
The ring of Kate has been on the