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[cattle] 70 hours later, so that the whole city worried girl parents found, actually it is father, mother, grandmother together lost her in

Eureka! The little girl who worried the whole city,
her parents finally found it! / the two year old girl was left in the hearts of many people.
Nanjing Xuanwu police after a lot of hard and meticulous work,
the reporter followed the police to trek more than a thousand kilometers,
and finally from the girl was abandoned 70 hours later,
in Jiangxi somewhere found the child's parents.
The face of police,
the parents of the children burst into tears,
the expression of their behavior with their tears.
These two days,
to help parents find old girl message in the network,
WeChat continued to refresh,
after a preliminary investigation by the Xuanwu police found that the child is abandoned.
On the one hand,
the children lost so long time,
the police has not received the relevant alarm; on