chrome hearts

I'm a woman, I'm strong, but I'm never ashamed of that

es from the TV drama husband,
I love Faye Yu as a big in which women,
of course,
the big is not only the age,
but also for life and for their grip and control.
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I think I'm gentle.
My attitude towards women's rights has always been good and necessary,
but I don't appreciate all the extremes of words and deeds.
For example,
a girl says she can't stand the word leftover women.
Who? Who is she urgent?.
I said let them say go,
and we will not be less meat.
I have been asked whether I have suffered discrimination in the workplace,
I said for a long time.
But the latest thing has changed my mind.
A foreigner was chatting with my colleagues.
He commented on me,
shook his head and said he thought I was good,
just too t