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The 9 step is to help you think like Buffett

progress Wednesday - workplace workplace is the most simple imitation to the industry benchmarking,
such as Warren Buffett did: daily work habits and thinking,
far from the circle and bustle and read and accept the information,
independent thinking.
It takes 2 minutes to read the article.
Buffett isn't as busy as you are.
According to him,
he spends 80% hours reading and thinking.
That's why it's the most successful business record in history.
He has plenty of time to think.
an old business partner at Charlie Munger,
said when he talked about his unusual efficiency approach.
For most people,
Buffett's open and tight schedule is simply counterintuitive,
and it's different from what we know a leader should have.
See Alan Mask (founder of Tesla) or Jeff Immelt (GE CEO)