chrome hearts

The most beautiful season Shanghai hidden in a giant Qinzileyuan children to go outing the picturesque scenery

d of the paper,
there are benefits,
do not miss Oh ~) tired of shopping malls crowded recreational facilities,
enough crowded Park Playground,
want to kiss the green grass,
to embrace the blue sky,
running free in the embrace of nature! From the city to nature,
from the concrete to the sunshine green,
Shanghai where the most suitable for family travel outing? Today,
Xiao Nong wants to tell you a piece of good news: Shanghai has a place called fairyland in the world and will be open to all of you! How much you see it,
along with a small! Here is only 25 minutes away from downtown Xujiahui,
covers an area of 1050 acres,
has a vast green,
tranquil lake,
and a golf standard 18 hole championship golf course,
spring is like a beautiful All flowers bloom together.
parent-child park.