chrome hearts

We are ten years apart, but I still love you

my brothers and sisters says: brothers and sisters are like snowflakes floating in the sky.
Once they fall into water,
they melt together and are never separated.
This is a wonderful feeling,
brotherly affection.
This love is the parents,
lovers can not be replaced.
Author: Jigang middle school class six,
Meng Yu,
we are ten years old,
so I began to dislike you.
I was ten years old when you made the first cry,
and it was the age that my parents took care of.
It is because of you,
I was full of love by you away half or more.
You are really a successful aggressor.
The first time I saw you,
you lie on the second,
is my mother,
the next second to my mother's bosom,
quietly feeding,
a domineering appearance,
and even disdain to open eyes,
look at me.
As soon as I touch you,
you s