chrome hearts

What about people who have undergone nine years of compulsory education?

trange strange abnormal Jun has experienced nine years of compulsory education of the people is how we can distinguish the original opening sensitive parents footsteps,
and in 20 seconds to turn off the computer or mobile phone TV,
holding the pen I live out homework to understand,
after 45 years we are the same wife husband,
waist three feet,
watching the news every day,
weekend with a group of men went to the teahouse playing cards,
winning fifty win,
coming home to eat fish,
do not lose the talk.
Go to bed and sleep,
snoring biaji mouth,
the middle stop breathing for three times,
each time that he died happy up lipstick,
his breathing was picked up,
is not to live,
so her husband died? Big sister next generation of children,
Jingjing mention what didn't mean it,
I work hard to