chrome hearts

What's the trend in comics? The famous cartoonist tells you it's this

dig the story behind the book.
The teacher walked into the golden light reading you said.
Read ten thousand books,
ten thousand miles.
To understand the charm of writing,
Cai Zhizhong,
a professional cartoonist,
was born in 1948,
a famous cartoonist in Taiwan,
He was born in.
Won the Golden Horse Award for Best Animated Film Award in 1981.
1983 began to create four comic,
Chuang-tzu said,
the Lao Tzu,
Lie Zi said,
said the drunkard,
bald detective and other more than 100 works in more than 30 countries and regions in a variety of languages,
sold more than 30 million copies.
Experienced several move I now can not find the time series.
So today I have to recommend another collector's edition to recommend to you.
At the beginning of the middle and late 80s,
there wa