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Q & a iPhone often restarts automatically. What's the problem?

has come out to fourth beta versions,
and the official version is coming! Question 1.
Home gently press the sound,
and then press it down,
I feel too uncomfortable,
what should I do? (young man) funny than small series: young people,
feel uncomfortable,
it should be sick,
have to take medicine! In fact,
most of the iPhone Home bond have honk sound,
just start using the time may be very not adapt,
but will do a bit of sound.
You can try to hold the Home button longer,
then turn your fingers around the Home button to minimize the Home key sound.
How can the capacity on the question 2.
iCloud be less than 5G? Why is it full? (@ De dream brother Liu Meng) also forced small amount of data the iCloud update is delayed,
small time iCloud data is deleted,
the data capacity of only half a month to

A map to see what kind of assets the best moment Chinese aunt cried

above the blue word may be concerned about the convergence of media business: foreign exchange investment in the field of new media platform.
Pay attention to the dealer media WeChat (ID:forexpress123),
will be free to participate in the line throughout the country Sharon,
and get a copy of the industry research report.
This year,
gold rose 22%,
is one of the best performing assets,
second only to iron ore and wood.
Macquarie analysts expect the next real interest rate to be negative to support gold.
The gold price will climb further as the dollar depreciates,
hitting 15 month highs of 306.
6 an ounce this week,
according to Jim Rickards,
the author and author of the currency wars.
He expects gold to rise further.
Gold is fairly stable,
the change is the depreciation of the dollar,

Why China's electricity supplier only achievements Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong?

les and management (Marketing360) author: Yu Jian min Chinese Internet has been 20 years of history,
the development of electricity providers started nearly 18 years,
but why only a few achievements Ma,
Liu Qiangdong,
many other participants are gone,
what are their attractions,
to become the overlord? Chinese business for nearly 20 years,
only the achievements of Ma Yun,
Liu Qiang Chinese B2C business chiefs Dongji less from start to now has a history of 18 years,
there have been the early budding period of exploration,
there have been rapid growth stage behind,
but after 18 years of development,
only the achievements of Ma Yun,
Liu Qiangdong and several big brother? Before the advent of Taobao Tmall,
Jingdong: the day before,
B2C electricity supplier pioneer 8848 drained mainly because a

In 2016, the new wealth 500 rich list, Wang Jianlin return to the first, Ma Huateng finally anti Ma

essment methods,
new wealth 500 rich list candidates need to meet 4 conditions: in China,
from the business,
personal wealth of not less than 6 billion 500 million yuan,
the main business in the mainland.
According to the new wealth of major enterprises candidate have,
to assess their wealth,
the main method is: 1,
for listed companies,
in December 31,
2015 (the closing price of newly listed companies in 2016 to the first day closing price is X) the number of shares calculated; 2,
for disclosure of the listing of the non-listed company,
according to the 2015 net profit estimate X listed in December 31,
2015 the company's closing price earnings X equity ratio is calculated; 3,
for other non-listed company,
with net assets X equity ratio is calculated,
and with reference to i

Loneliness is the best value-added period

Shanglong 01 young afraid of loneliness,
old age,
hope to be alone.
See a friend to write a sentence in the circle of friends,
thirty-five years old,
just have a child,
he said: gradually understand,
why many men come home every time,
are sitting in the car for a while,
smoking a cigarette.
Because back home,
you become a father,
a husband,
you are the pillars,
is Optimus Prime,
Mu Tiezhu,
is not his own.
I was very sour when I saw this sentence written by my friend.
I have a special understanding of a person's desire for solitude as he grows older.
With a career,
a team,
a family,
a sense of responsibility,
and less time to live alone.
At that time,
always at night when think of the young frivolous and longing for the future.
Loneliness is the best value-added period,

You can't learn to wear these yet

piness D Su eyebrow a few days ago about girlfriends come out to play,
she said I have no clothes to wear! When I saw her wardrobe,
clothes packed,
why not wear clothes.
she said,
every time she went out,
she did not know what to wear,
wardrobe always missing a piece of clothing,
shoes always missing a pair of shoes.
Why not myself? Not really no clothes,
but no proper clothes to wear.
Someone might ask,
what did you do when you bought the clothes? Not blind,
and not deaf,
not dumb,
difficult to buy clothes every time others are hard to plug you? When women shopping,
how many are really rational? I know a good woman,
she said that every time she bought clothes less than half an hour to fix,
but no matter what time she is always bright,
forever is the most beautiful and most charmi

The men and women of the net, one by one, pinched their necks

girl circle,
neck is the most fashionable.
Editor | Narita pictures from the network at the neck of the Choker necklace,
is now the jewelry industry's popular spicy chicken.
This is 90s retro style necklace came from the cult film,
Kendall Jenner,
the first half continue to appear in the Gigi Hadid,
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and other popular singer have long neck.
Summer is here,
everyone concerned about IT girl and the other way the continuation of his love of neck pinch style: coat + Choker,
will Chizha the spring and summer of 2016 single Choker top was born! V collar Choker Top,
a common neck pinch shirt.
With the same Choker ribbon,
you can make the usual V top coat very fashionable.
V can spin on the vision neckline,
so even if you don't like Gao Junxi long neck,

Recommendation number would like to enter the strange, bad fashion circle, catch the devil, the old driver can take you

gFanJame? The tear forced out master,
hi Wang professional blanket to pour cold water,
with strong poison chicken soup; mental hospital accidentally strayed into the molecular fashion with non normal share and self black students.
YangFanJame micro signal: YangFanJame so it is a fashion kind of psychiatric service account if you want to be a normal person please stay away from us,
thank you for your cooperation.
Pay attention to YangFanJame (ID: YangFanJame),
then respond to the following article title of the digital number before you can read YangFanJame's most humble,
the most exciting 20 articles.
Eat a snake ~! Why tolerate the ugliness of the world? 1.
why our parents are wood louse? 2.
don't spend the summer and the straight! 3.
the ugly straight,
what qualifications and women

That's not fair. Why do you buy 1 million of the third?

e asked the professor how much the third bought,
in the eyes of the professor,
this problem is actually nothing to say,
directly on the 1 million good,
but many users do not know why to buy 1 million of the insured amount of third.
the professor will tell you why.
What's the use of the third? This is the first problem,
many mice do not know what is the third,
after all,
you give the car (such as goods,
trees and so on items) hit,
hit people,
the third is lost to the third party.
Why buy third parties so high? If you hit a luxury car,
1 million has been able to compensate for most of the car on the market,
remember not to hit Bentley,
hit the goods does not matter,
the most important thing is hit people.
That's really a return to liberation.
Some people

We are more like a plant, every wound has its scar

released in 0 when I was young friends @ Su authorized by bean sprouts,
had at least 28 years old,
and now I think the absolute happiness actually comes from you.
1 Mr.
Su attended the event when people are said to be perennial show of affection,
coupled with his wife in the circle of friends called sun kuangmo,
I told him to go out to play when people are always curious about my.
As a result,
I didn't want to have a live show,
but began to fancy Tucao,
One thing that led me to think was that many of the people who had seen our show of affection felt as if there were no common conflicts between me and Mr.
What is more,
they seem to feel that they are not so happy since there is such a contradiction.
When I spoke to Mr.
he said it was the difference betwee

Stunned, the original flowers do not spend a penny

k the hand lovers arrows or WeChat search mydiyclub concern us this article reprinted from the public number: product life micro signal pinpinlife Title Input lighting into flowers,
into a single scene or plant hanging in the bulb,
the romantic wine bottle,
Input Title to dig a bottle belly,
hanging the air,
plants out of the bottle,
as if the sky garden or transverse sill,
fleshy fresh and lovely can also cross cutting,
unique Input Title abandoned glass glass flowers,
a glass cabinet,
is a garden Input Title even soup spoon,
also have the right to be beautiful even the kitchen into the garden Input Title the book book center is hollowed out,
for the placement of a plant A flower from the book grew out of flowers,
it will read Input Title fish in the fishbowl quietly bloomin

[fun fishing] who can tell the devil where there is a good fishing field?

rely morning humming,
there came to the fishing and fishing.
Never met,
back and forth on Omg,
where to start? The distance there is a guy in that seems to be immensely proud to catch on! Go,
take it 37,
join in the fun! Everything is ready for fishing,
ah ~ ~ you bait fish fish fish fish why don't you catch fish fish ~ ~ you still no hook ~ ~ Xinyoubugan.
Shout out a word: who can tell me where there is a good place to go fishing!!! Fishing field is the first factor affecting the good or bad fishing,
a good fishing field,
fishing friends can go fishing skills,
catch quite good.
the important thing is to say three times - who can tell Xiao Bian there is a good fishing field? Who can tell Xiao Bian there is a good fishing field? Who can tell Xiao Bian there is

My grandmother sent to get married on the same day Former friends become enemies with each other. Jiabao parents actually get in the way

to a socialist democratic society at the beginning of twentieth Century,
the value of the concept of democracy and equality has been deep into the hearts of every one,
but some backward rural areas still have patriarchal thought,
for example: the boy is a treasure,
a girl is a grass married daughter spilled water,
Cheng Yi is my best friend,
she was living in a feudal family is very serious,
the day she was born,
his father learned that she was a girl,
they immediately asked acquaintances adopted a boy.
They grew up with two siblings,
although she is natural,
but parents always focus in the body of his brother,
brother wants what to buy,
when a quarrel with my brother,
no matter what the reason is always beating her; when going to school by bike,
father take them to school