chrome hearts

Loneliness is the best value-added period

Shanglong 01 young afraid of loneliness,
old age,
hope to be alone.
See a friend to write a sentence in the circle of friends,
thirty-five years old,
just have a child,
he said: gradually understand,
why many men come home every time,
are sitting in the car for a while,
smoking a cigarette.
Because back home,
you become a father,
a husband,
you are the pillars,
is Optimus Prime,
Mu Tiezhu,
is not his own.
I was very sour when I saw this sentence written by my friend.
I have a special understanding of a person's desire for solitude as he grows older.
With a career,
a team,
a family,
a sense of responsibility,
and less time to live alone.
At that time,
always at night when think of the young frivolous and longing for the future.
Loneliness is the best value-added period,