chrome hearts

My grandmother sent to get married on the same day Former friends become enemies with each other. Jiabao parents actually get in the way

to a socialist democratic society at the beginning of twentieth Century,
the value of the concept of democracy and equality has been deep into the hearts of every one,
but some backward rural areas still have patriarchal thought,
for example: the boy is a treasure,
a girl is a grass married daughter spilled water,
Cheng Yi is my best friend,
she was living in a feudal family is very serious,
the day she was born,
his father learned that she was a girl,
they immediately asked acquaintances adopted a boy.
They grew up with two siblings,
although she is natural,
but parents always focus in the body of his brother,
brother wants what to buy,
when a quarrel with my brother,
no matter what the reason is always beating her; when going to school by bike,
father take them to school