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Q & a iPhone often restarts automatically. What's the problem?

has come out to fourth beta versions,
and the official version is coming! Question 1.
Home gently press the sound,
and then press it down,
I feel too uncomfortable,
what should I do? (young man) funny than small series: young people,
feel uncomfortable,
it should be sick,
have to take medicine! In fact,
most of the iPhone Home bond have honk sound,
just start using the time may be very not adapt,
but will do a bit of sound.
You can try to hold the Home button longer,
then turn your fingers around the Home button to minimize the Home key sound.
How can the capacity on the question 2.
iCloud be less than 5G? Why is it full? (@ De dream brother Liu Meng) also forced small amount of data the iCloud update is delayed,
small time iCloud data is deleted,
the data capacity of only half a month to