chrome hearts

That's not fair. Why do you buy 1 million of the third?

e asked the professor how much the third bought,
in the eyes of the professor,
this problem is actually nothing to say,
directly on the 1 million good,
but many users do not know why to buy 1 million of the insured amount of third.
the professor will tell you why.
What's the use of the third? This is the first problem,
many mice do not know what is the third,
after all,
you give the car (such as goods,
trees and so on items) hit,
hit people,
the third is lost to the third party.
Why buy third parties so high? If you hit a luxury car,
1 million has been able to compensate for most of the car on the market,
remember not to hit Bentley,
hit the goods does not matter,
the most important thing is hit people.
That's really a return to liberation.
Some people