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The men and women of the net, one by one, pinched their necks

girl circle,
neck is the most fashionable.
Editor | Narita pictures from the network at the neck of the Choker necklace,
is now the jewelry industry's popular spicy chicken.
This is 90s retro style necklace came from the cult film,
Kendall Jenner,
the first half continue to appear in the Gigi Hadid,
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and other popular singer have long neck.
Summer is here,
everyone concerned about IT girl and the other way the continuation of his love of neck pinch style: coat + Choker,
will Chizha the spring and summer of 2016 single Choker top was born! V collar Choker Top,
a common neck pinch shirt.
With the same Choker ribbon,
you can make the usual V top coat very fashionable.
V can spin on the vision neckline,
so even if you don't like Gao Junxi long neck,