chrome hearts

We are more like a plant, every wound has its scar

released in 0 when I was young friends @ Su authorized by bean sprouts,
had at least 28 years old,
and now I think the absolute happiness actually comes from you.
1 Mr.
Su attended the event when people are said to be perennial show of affection,
coupled with his wife in the circle of friends called sun kuangmo,
I told him to go out to play when people are always curious about my.
As a result,
I didn't want to have a live show,
but began to fancy Tucao,
One thing that led me to think was that many of the people who had seen our show of affection felt as if there were no common conflicts between me and Mr.
What is more,
they seem to feel that they are not so happy since there is such a contradiction.
When I spoke to Mr.
he said it was the difference betwee