chrome hearts

You can't learn to wear these yet

piness D Su eyebrow a few days ago about girlfriends come out to play,
she said I have no clothes to wear! When I saw her wardrobe,
clothes packed,
why not wear clothes.
she said,
every time she went out,
she did not know what to wear,
wardrobe always missing a piece of clothing,
shoes always missing a pair of shoes.
Why not myself? Not really no clothes,
but no proper clothes to wear.
Someone might ask,
what did you do when you bought the clothes? Not blind,
and not deaf,
not dumb,
difficult to buy clothes every time others are hard to plug you? When women shopping,
how many are really rational? I know a good woman,
she said that every time she bought clothes less than half an hour to fix,
but no matter what time she is always bright,
forever is the most beautiful and most charmi