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[homemade] in May planted a bunch of flowers that never died, S01E06

ID:v_movier is a new series of small life for a quarter of an hour.
In addition to skin care products,
we can do some other interesting handwork together.
Different little days,
funny thoughts.
Creation - small days,
updated every Tuesday and six.
Vibrant May,
everywhere are flowers,
green grass,
your home is also decorated with spring? To make a bunch of eternal life,
do not need to take care of carefully,
and then busy life,
but also need to have good things to accompany ah.
A roll of material 1 fold green paper roll Sakura pink fold paper scissors wire green belt 2 step 1,
the crepe paper cutting,
cut into 4x8cm,
and then fold the paper 2 rectangular two times 3,
cut into droplets,
as Hydrangea petals 4,
four petals placed into shape,
a flower the flower shaped,
with fine wirestrapping

The five most important investments in your life are never thrown in the wrong direction

t investment in life is not a house,
not a stock,
it's a man.
The second biggest investment in life is time.
The third biggest investment in life is health.
The fourth biggest investment in life is industry.
The fifth biggest investment in life is a mate.
We focus on the following top public number,
accumulate experience,
easy work! At at at the global film information network ID:glofilm long by two-dimensional code recognition attention to create a global aggregation platform and interactive information,
the movie critic,
welcome to cooperate and contribute or invite me to participate in the premiere,
will meet! Tour trip ID:yaltu-app long by two-dimensional code recognition attention tour trip,
travel entertainment technology experts that ID:yulequannadianshi long by two-dimensional

[health] these 9 bad habits most damage immunity, the first one in the gun...

e often find that some people are physically strong and others are prone to illness.
Why does this so-called constitution differ? Mostly because of different immunity.
The 9 habits of the destruction of the immune system,
published earlier in the journal prevention,
point out that immunity is closely related to people's lifestyle.
lack of singing and singing in life can help improve immunity.
German experts at the University of Frankfurt choir rehearsal duet before and after members of the blood was examined.
Results showed that after the rehearsal,
the concentration of the singers in the immune system protein,
immunoglobulin A and anti stress hormone cortisol have significantly improved.
the abuse of antibiotics,
abuse of antibiotics may destroy intestinal innate immunity,

54, they are not outstanding youths. They are still selling computers at the age of 28, but they have finally become outstanding middle-aged and elderly people

e 44 years of age following the crowd as young people,
why the State Council only 18-28 years old staff holiday?! As of 28 years and 1 days of temporary workers in the investment community,
three on the road,
although there is no cause,
but I have a career line; although there is no billionaire,
but I have no domestic; although the export of gold spoon,
but my heart is full of chicken soup! Today,
the average age of 25 years of investment community Xiaobian all holiday,
leaving the investment community temporary work for everyone boil chicken soup! Don't worry if you're 28 years old! It is a bird of life,
the most important thing is down-to-earth! Investors chicken soup Xu Xiaoping: 60 years old,
real fund founding partner was born in 1956,
27 years old at the Peking University Art Depar

I took my dog for a ride that day

have a special love,
enjoy the wind blowing up the mouth folds to feel the gums are blown out into the car does not mean the netizen asked: eat so much wind,
a fart in the car.
Good to enjoy it,
there is fresh air outside the car.
Don't blow mouth wrinkles will soon become paralysis Oh wings

In 2016, the new wealth 500 rich list, Wang Jianlin return to the first, Ma Huateng finally anti Ma

Jianlin to return to the first king of the island,
Ma Huateng - Ma,
Xu ChuanHua rose fastest,
Li Hejun fell the most badly.
source: New Fortune magazine (ID:newfortune) wealth evaluation method of 2016 the new wealth of the 500 richest candidates need to meet 4 conditions: one,
from business,
personal wealth is not less than 6 billion 500 million in China yuan,
the main business in the mainland.
According to the new wealth of major enterprises candidate have,
to assess their wealth,
the main method is: 1,
for listed companies,
in December 31,
2015 (the closing price of newly listed companies in 2016 to the first day closing price is X) the number of shares calculated; 2,
for disclosure of the listing of the non-listed company,
according to the 2015 net profit estimate X listed in De