chrome hearts

[homemade] in May planted a bunch of flowers that never died, S01E06

ID:v_movier is a new series of small life for a quarter of an hour.
In addition to skin care products,
we can do some other interesting handwork together.
Different little days,
funny thoughts.
Creation - small days,
updated every Tuesday and six.
Vibrant May,
everywhere are flowers,
green grass,
your home is also decorated with spring? To make a bunch of eternal life,
do not need to take care of carefully,
and then busy life,
but also need to have good things to accompany ah.
A roll of material 1 fold green paper roll Sakura pink fold paper scissors wire green belt 2 step 1,
the crepe paper cutting,
cut into 4x8cm,
and then fold the paper 2 rectangular two times 3,
cut into droplets,
as Hydrangea petals 4,
four petals placed into shape,
a flower the flower shaped,
with fine wirestrapping