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In 2016, the new wealth 500 rich list, Wang Jianlin return to the first, Ma Huateng finally anti Ma

Jianlin to return to the first king of the island,
Ma Huateng - Ma,
Xu ChuanHua rose fastest,
Li Hejun fell the most badly.
source: New Fortune magazine (ID:newfortune) wealth evaluation method of 2016 the new wealth of the 500 richest candidates need to meet 4 conditions: one,
from business,
personal wealth is not less than 6 billion 500 million in China yuan,
the main business in the mainland.
According to the new wealth of major enterprises candidate have,
to assess their wealth,
the main method is: 1,
for listed companies,
in December 31,
2015 (the closing price of newly listed companies in 2016 to the first day closing price is X) the number of shares calculated; 2,
for disclosure of the listing of the non-listed company,
according to the 2015 net profit estimate X listed in De